FRANK Gallery & Studios is a creative base in central Malmö. It contains a gallery for exhibitions/performances as well as workspaces for 20 professional artists from various disciplines. On a conceptual level FRANK is focused on working with inventing new exhibition concepts and improving working conditions for creative people. The concepts are constantly being developed for a more humble and more coherent view on art.

Previous collaborations includes Hyper Island, Malmö’s Moderna Museum, Lunds Konsthall, Stena Fastigheter, MKB Fastighets AB, Malmö stad, Mitt Möllan and many more.

The gallery venue plays host to a wide range of exhibitions, performances, workshops etc. When doing so, the aim is to encourage experimental and innovative artists and cultural undertakings. FRANK was founded in 2014 by Mary Toreld. She was the sole owner and creative leader until 2024 when she gave the venue and organization to the performace group Absurdum Temporary Art and continue the legacy to run a safe space for artists to develop and grow.


FRANK is independent, non-profit and works without any government funding or other support. This incorporates the concept of developing more sustainable working conditions for artists. We want to empower the artists and put them in control over their workspace and work.


On one floor is the art gallery, and on the other floor artists have their ateliers/workshops/studios etc. We provide a wide range a creative occupations with space for working and collaborating. A workspace here with us includes a conference room you can book whenever, great coffee/tea, printers, scanner and superb co-workers. Every now and then we also offer collaborations for big projects for the people who work here. Would you like to have your atelier at FRANK? Fill in your application here.


At FRANK we work continuously with experimental rooms and strange collaborations. For us, the space between art and visitor serves an essential part in both the exhibitions we host and curate.  Exhibitions at FRANK are committed to share its art and we aim to make our visitors part of an unique experience. We only host a few collaborative exhibitions per year that we ourselves produce, and when it comes to solo exhibitions we prefer that the artist wants to explore the possibilities with curating their own exhibition inconclusive with FRANK’s principles. Do you want to exhibit at FRANK? Fill in your application here.